Our deciduous tree seedlings are graded by size(s) for your convenience. As each customer has different needs, you can select the sizing that suits your specific application.

We offer various Poplars and Willows mostly from cuttings. Our whips and lightly branched bare-root trees are available here at the nursery in spring from April to the end of May, and some varieties are available again in the fall after dormancy in October. When purchasing these larger bare-root trees or fruit trees, you may want to purchase tree protectors as well.

Deciduous tree seedlings and trees are listed in specific categories to help you find what you need:

Deciduous Tree Seedlings.
Poplar / Aspen.
Shade Trees, Whips and Lightly Branched.

If you are interested in a species that you do not see on our website or in larger quantities than listed, please contact us for sizes, pricing and variety. We also have containerized deciduous stock available. Please contact us for pricing and availability or have browse when you here at the nursery.



Please use the on line contact form or call us at
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if you have any questions.