All prices are F.O.B. Pontypool, Ontario. We are sorry but we do not accept C.O.D. orders. Payments must be cash, cheque, money order, Visa or Mastercard. Fee for NSF Cheque is $40.00.

A deposit of at least 25% must accompany all orders, and the balance paid in full 15 days prior to shipment, if any order is cancelled after March 20th we reserve the right to keep the deposit. Prices are subject to change without notice, this cancels all previous lists.

We warrent to provide plants true to name, as set forth in our catalogue. If upon proper proof, our nursery stock should prove to be not true to name, a replacement of proper plants, or a substitude of equal value will be made upon return of the improper material. Any nursery stock that is damaged in shipping must be reported to seller immediately upon receipt of the stock to carrier. A claim will then be filed by the carrier. If claim is valid, seller will replace damaged nursery stock. No claims will be honoured for nursery stock picked up by the buyer from the nursery one (1) or more days later than the exact pick up date as sepcified on the order by the buyer. Claims for replacements will be considered only on losses over 40% on seedlings and losses of over 25% on transplants, rooted cuttings, potted, and container plants. IT IS MUTUALLY AGREED BETWEEN PURCHASER AND SELLER THAT THE SELLER WILL NOT AT ANY TIME BE LIABLE FOR ANY AMOUNT GREATER THAN THE ORIGINAL PRICE OF THE NURSERY STOCK.

Please report problems or shortages immediately, a formal claim must be in writing and must be received within 60 days of receipt of trees. If replacements are made for any reason, buyer is responsible for paying freight charges.

No claims, for any reason, will be considered past 5 days of shipment.

* In the event actual shipping costs exceed the shipping estimate, you will be billed and are responsible for paying the difference. Items marked with an "*" on your confirmation or with a footnote in the catalogue or website will exceed the shipping estimate in most cases. On these items, nursery pick up is suggested if buyer wants to avoid extra shipping costs. If you paid by credit card, the exact shipping charges will be billed to the same card.


Please use the on line contact form or call us at
1.888.621.8980 (toll free) or 705.277.9993 (local)
if you have any questions.