Tree Protectors

You can protect your trees and plants completely, quickly and inexpensively with our PLASTIC TREE GUARDS, a spiral tree and plant protector.

  • Speedy application, 20 seconds, does not restrict growth.
  • Complete protection against damage caused by rabbit, hare or other game which can kill or seriously damage trees and plants.
  • Protects stem and plant against mechanical and hand damage.
  • Protects stem and plant from chemical weed control such as Gramoxone (Paraquat).
  • Protection against damage caused by frost as well as wind and sand blasts. Our tree guards withstand all climates.
  • Reduces shoot growth.


24" 160 cm
30" 175 cm

$1.50 ea.
$1.60 ea.

$1.30 ea.
$1.40 ea.

$1.00 ea.
$1.20 ea.

NOTE: The tree guards may have to be checked periodically to avoid possible girdling.


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