Growing Supplies

Pruning Knives

Pruning Knife 10″ Handle, 16″ Blade.

These knives are well balanced and made with Sheffield steel. One of the best shearing knives on the market.

 $ 68.75 ea.

Bushpro Treeplanter

Used by Professional Foresters throughout Canada

Blade is 11″ long, 5.5″ wide at the kick plates tapering to 3.5″. PC 190, Treeplanter Spade Stainless Steel.


 $ 69.00 ea.

Generic Gel

Save on Watering!!
Pineneedle Farms Generic Gel.

1lb of Gel will coat 1000 to 3000 seedling roots. This easy to use product is absorbent and retains water, giving it back to the plant during dry periods, increasing survival rate.

$ 42.00

For larger quantity pricing, please contact us.

Landscapers: Please note, this product can be sprinkled on soil before sodding, to improve moisture retention.


Vexar Christmas Tree Packaging.

VexarPlastic tree netting used to package Christmas trees. Makes loading much easier with less damage.

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Weed Prevention Coco Disks

Our Coco Discs are excellent for weed prevention whether using in the field, around tree seedlings or transplants, or in pots.

Diameter Qty: 1-199Qty: 100-499
16 cm $0.75$0.50
22 cm $1.00$0.60
29 cm $1.75$0.95
38 cm$3.00$1.65
60 cm $3.50$2.65
  • Fibrous enough to allow air to flow through – will not hold heat in.
  • All natural with completely natural latex used as binding agent.
  • Water & fertilizer easily penetrates and feeds plant.
  • Holds moisture, therefore less watering.
  • Eliminates expensive, strenuous hand-weeding.

Tree Protectors

LengthQty: 1-24Qty: 25-99Qty: 100+
24" 60cm$1.80$1.45$1.25
30" 75cm$2.00$1.55$1.35

You can protect your trees and plants completely, quickly and inexpensively with our PLASTIC TREE GUARDS, a spiral tree and plant protector.

  • Speedy application, 20 seconds, does not restrict growth.
  • Complete protection against damage caused by rabbit, hare or other game which can kill or seriously damage trees and plants.
  • Protects stem and plant against mechanical and hand damage.
  • Protects stem and plant from chemical weed control such as Gramoxone (Paraquat).
  • Protection against damage caused by frost as well as wind and sand blasts. Our tree guards withstand all climates.
  • Reduces shoot growth.

Two Year Fertilizer Tablets

Designed to root feed evergreen and hardwood seedlings, trees, and shrubs for up to 2 years.

Easy to use, non-burning and promotes vigorous growth.

Tablet is simply dropped into the hole at the root zone of the plant at planting time. It releases fertilizer slowly for a 2 year period.

These tablets do not dissolve by water, but depend upon the action of soil bacteria to convert their nutrients to a form that can be used by plants. Tablets are 10 grams each, 20% Nitrogen, 10% Phosphoric Acid 5% Potash. TABLETS SHOULD NOT TOUCH ROOTS.

Number of 2 Year Fertilizer Tablets Per Size Plant

1 TabletAll Seedlings, Transplant, Rooted Cuttings
2 TabletsContainer Grown Plants
1 TabletFor each ½" Diameter trunk, Larger trees and evergreens

Item No.QuantityCost
FER0100100 $45.00
FER1000 1000$320.00

Tree Squares

Tree Square Planting

Improve the growth and survival of a tree seedling

Diameter 1 - 120120 Plus
30 cm x 30 cm$1.75 ea.89¢ ea.
40 cm x 40 cm$2.20 ea.$1.60 ea.
45 cm x 45 cm$3.25 ea.$2.65 ea.

With Tree Squares you are preventing weeds from germinating or growing. 100% Canadian made, 100% Biodegradable Chemical Free & Environmentally Friendly!

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